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Don't Be Afraid of Being Aged With Anti-Aging Supplements

Age is a Number

That feels so awesome when we fall in love at the age of 65 with the person who makes us feel like 25, age really is a number!

Emotions are ageless.

Perhaps, aging is the second worst fear after public speaking.

I googled ‘aging ‘out of curiosity.

A bunch of things showed. I dived into various factors on the subject of aging and figured that there are a multiple factors to aging. I’m kind of aging….ummmm….I actually am aging, would be better.

The ‘You’ part in the heading represents your spirit or soul. And the ‘Anti-Aging Supplements’ part is self-explanatory.

Why do we need anti-aging supplements? 

Of course, we desire to look younger and sexier no matter what age we are.

The fear of aging begins to haunt upon us as soon as we notice greying of hair, loosening skin, lack of life energy, enthusiasm and the Wuuuu…Huuuuu-ness that used to come naturally to us.

Aging is fun when you put these three things together

- Mind
- Spirit
- And body

It simply means what you think about most of the time, how you feel and what you eat. Of course there are other aspects to aging as well.

Be in the ‘NOW’

Thoughts, if not checked time and again go on auto-pilot. In most cases our thoughts wander into the past (usually bitter parts), or it ventures into the fear of future. Ask this in your heart, ‘What am I thinking now? Bring your focus into the present moment, the sounds/voices, things, and people around. Make good use of the present moment. Engage in healthy hobbies.

The way we think can get us older, weaker, resentful, excited, or anything we choose to be. You can choose your thoughts. You see some Hollywood people? They still do Action/Thriller when they are in their 70’s.

How You Feel

Emotions play a big role in the aging phenomenon.

How you Feel inside reflects in all the aspects of your life; health, age, skin, mental health, job, relationships etc.

Your peace of mind is the most important because it reflects on the outside and every sphere of your life.

I was surprised to learn that the food we eat also affects our psychology. And it ultimately shows on the outside. Of course, there are many factors involved in aging. Let’s explore the mental aspect a little more……

Aging Gracefully

No matter what, we begin to age at some point in time. And that is when we get concerned. No matter what age we are, we want to live active healthy life style with lots of energy. No matter how old we are, we have dreams to achieve. Aging gracefully means to be able to live a full life no matter you are 100.

Mental health matters

‘Be Happy? How?’

Well, do the things that make you happy when you do them. Writing makes me happy. I am 53 but when I write I feel the energy, the enthusiasm, sharing is ‘my happy’. What’s your happy? Do that. I’ve seen that emotions have a momentum. A surge of happiness, or a heart full of laughter does miracles.

Laughter-The Best medicine

Life is not ‘always’ too serious. Find humor in ordinary stuff, conversations, be light-hearted, and smile, say Hi to people. Small things matter.

Spend time with the ones who make you feel loved. Adopt a puppy and raise it. It’s a ‘fun cute thing’ to have. Furry friends make your day. Go out with them for a walk, or a jog if you like to.

Creative Hobbies:
That can be an amazing if you think about doing that!

Is there any hobby that you had wanted to do so much in the past? Something you really, really loved? Painting, reading, writing, art work, learning to play a musical instrument, journaling, starting a YouTube channel, share what you know, or anything that elevates your mood. This is the time, now. It will bring you an immense amount of happiness when you do it. Happiness is the key whatever you do in life. The outcome must come as, Wow! I love it!

Connect Loving People Only
That’s important!

Know who you meet, hang out, how you feel when in their company. You will know the answer. You can choose your people. Exchange of ideas, sharing and conversations are great ways to connect other. Connect with the right people, the ones who you Feel good when around. A bunch where you are valued, loved, admired and supported. Great energy exchange happens amongst like-minded folks.

I did some deep digging into natural herbs, supplements and vitamins out of curiosity.

Why I did that?

I did that because I wanted to live healthy, happy and fulfilled life at this age where I am. And I want the same for others. Apart from mind and spirit which play a vital in the process of aging, our body is the house in which we live until we live.

Physical Health and Wellness
As mental health and emotions matter in aging, the physical aspects equally contribute to aging. We’ve got to be very specific what we put in our mouth. Today’s food culture feeds us with high-carb, high-fat and high-sugar food packed beautifully. Every one out of ten Americans have diabetes, and one out three is a prediabetes. I doesn’t take a medical professional to figure out the reason because we know why. Most people have turned into couch potatoes and mouse potatoes.

Sedentary life style, sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety, irregular eating habits can slowly deteriorate your physical health as well as mental.

That’s when we need a break. And connect the source, The Mother Nature.

Why Connecting with Nature Feels Good
Because, we’re natural beings, that’s why.

Look at the natural things around you when you’re in an open space where there’s plenty of oxygen, birds singing. You feel a kind of connection if you focus in the moment. That is how the outside influences the inside. You feel peace within in that moment when you establish a deep connection with jungle.

You can meditate there if you wish. That’s healing for the spirit and when the spirit is young, you look younger. Nature is healing and when we connect with it, it heals us. In All Ways.

Nature Has It
Any of the ingredient, vitamins, minerals, calcium or magnesium which our body needs is found in the vegies, fruits, and everything that grows. They carry vitamins and minerals. And there are those herbs which researchers find useful for our health.

The thing is, many people initiate a diet plan, say, they stick to keto or a specific diet plan for a couple of weeks or so, but they slip back into their old eating habits when it comes to friends’ birthdays or a party scene. It takes another round of motivation to get back to healthy diet. In general, people.

It is true that life has gone so hectic and stressful at times especially during the current Covid situation all around the world. The stress level is high, insecurity and frustration is rocking, politics and wars and so much going around if you look at the news(it’s better not to, though).

How to Keep Vitamin/Mineral Balance
The best way is of course going organic, natural with vegies and fruits with a proper exercise regime.

The second best way is of course ask google. There is a wide range of anti-aging supplements on the web. If you read the info through you’ll get to learn more what’s necessary.

Just make sure the seller is certified to produce the supplement, read the reviews by the buyers, and the ratings on e-commerce sites will inform you about the authenticity of the products. You will find companies with ISO certification and so on.

Just like real life, Internet is also a place where you meet real and fake products as well as people. I would recommend you to read the contents of the anti-Aging supplements and see if it suits your dietary needs and provides you with that vigor that you lack in everyday life pursuits.

Your skin and aging
Your skin is a kind of a glove covering your body. It breathes, it has pores, and blood vessels. When exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, it begins to lose its texture, shine and tightness. It happens with all age groups, yet it damages the skin more when we are aging.

Buying an Anti-Aging Supplement
Scientists have been researching on the subject of aging for ages. Beauty industry has boomed its profits during the last few decades. A large number of substances have been proven to slow down the aging process.

There are a number of supplements and companies producing them around the world. I am going to jot down a few essential ingredients that one must look for in a supplement before making a purchase.


Collagen (A protein in body) keeps the skin, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments intact. It is kind of glue that holds them together. Lack of collagen production in the body renders to saggy skin. Your body is able to manufacture healthy collagen in the presence of vitamin C, Pure biotin and BioCell collagen nourish your skin and hair for increased shine and strength.

Collagen makes the skin look younger. It keeps your skin firm, tight and smooth. With aging, collagen levels drop in the skin, wrinkles appear, skin gets dry quickly. We begin to look ‘Aging’ when this happens.

Two studies were done to find out the effects of collagen on women and the effect of anti-aging supplements.

In study one, 2009, 72 women took 2.5 gram of collagen for 12 weeks. It showed significant improvement in skin tone, elasticity and hydration. They took collagen in combination with biotin and other ingredients.

The second study showed amazing results when 114 women got treated for eye wrinkles. Each woman took 2.5 gram of collagen peptides for the period of 8 weeks.

Well, the results seem encouraging, right?

But, keep in mind that collagen manufacturing companies funded these studies. Still, it gives us an idea.

Many companies manufacture collagen in both, powder and capsule form.

What is it? ‘Red wine is good for health.’ You might have heard someone say that. Resveratrol is found in red wine. It is a plant extract. It works like an antioxidant. It’s found in berries and peanuts as well. And it also carries a series of ‘anti-ness’ in it i.e. anticancer, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-frailty and anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin C
Aging decreases the vitamin C ratio in the skin. Smoking and pollution, sun rays also cause vitamin C deficiency. Fruits are of course the best source to get vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis.Natural, organic fruits and fruit juices is the best anti-aging supplements that nature offers us.

And the other way to get the right nutrients is through a Probio supplement that is balanced with vitamin C, which is derived from the famous Camu plant

Aronia Powder
It is Aronia berries extract which carries a treasure of polyphenols. Again, it is an anti-oxidant. Cloves, amazingly are the richest source of polyphenols. Over- consumption of polyphenols inhibits iron absorption in the body. It is advisable to check out for anti-aging supplements that contain the right range.It is beneficial to consume 500mg to 1500mg per day.

Zinc & Skin
Zinc is a micronutrient. There is a whole range of zinc supplements available but you’ve got to see form of zinc is better for your skin and metabolism. It is a miraculous element when it comes to anti-aging, and age-related inflammatory diseases. It also prevents vision loss.Check for zinc percentage when buying an anti-aging supplements.

Zinc helps you in overall health which includes skin and hair. It helps in tissue growth and repair. It keeps the oil level regulated on the surface of the skin. It increases collagen synthesis.

Eat zinc-enriched food, like oysters, pumpkin seeds, lentils, beef, coconut, spirulina, and spinach.

And the other way to get the right nutrients is through a Probio supplement that contains the required amount of energy.

So my dear reader/friend, honesty speaking, the more you explore/google/YouTube the topic of aging, the more the info there is. I would recommend Going Natural, means literally into the nature and breathe in fresh air, and Connect.

‘Nature’- And Anti-Aging Supplements-
Meditate. Feel Calm. It’s good for the soul. Add humor into everyday life, laughter boosts immunity. Focus on good and positive. Every thought affects our health. We got to watch how we are Feeling.

We live in our body until we live in this world. Body needs nourishment, energy, vigor, and a will to get-up-and go, kind of electric

Supplements are a great source to recover from certain deficiencies which we may not be aware of. Especially those extracted from the nature directly.

Nature Heals! Thanks.