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Magnesium 7 Supplements to aid Muscle Movement & Nervous System

Our daily diet may not be able to support the production of
magnesium in our bodies. This is a vital mineral found in abundance in humans, plants, animals, the sea and the earth.

The everyday stresses of life and chronic illnesses deplete this very significant mineral from the body and are notorious for zapping energy, causing fatigue, and damaging the strength of bones, muscles, and teeth.

It is recommended for pregnant mothers, athletes, nursing mothers, elderly populous and those suffering from Magnesium deficiency.

The Superpowers of Multi Magnesium 7 Mineral Supplement
Every cell requires magnesium to perform necessary functions. It is utilized by enzymes in 600 important bodily and brain functions. Magnesium is found mainly in bones (60%) and the rest is taken up by muscles, soft tissues, fluids, and blood.

Here are some important bodily functions magnesium helps with:
1.Creation of energy – food eaten is converted into energy.
2.Forming proteins – it utilizes amino acids to form key proteins.
3.Gene repair – it maintains and repairs optimal DNA and RNA.
4.Muscle movement – it helps with smooth muscle functioning, contraction, and relaxation.
5.Regulating the nervous system – it helps with the significant functions of the neurotransmitter that signals and sends important messages to the brain and nervous system.

In its entirety, Multi Magnesium 7 takes care of hundreds of biochemical reactions in the human body to perform key brain and body activities.

If you suffer from the following symptoms,you ,may need a dose of Multi Magnesium 7:
You are unnecessarily stressed out, have extreme mood swings and become irritable easily.
As an athlete, you suffer from muscle pain, courtesy of the lactate builds up during rigorous exercise. Multi Magnesium 7 can help move the blood sugar and prevent the production of lactate in muscles.
You are likely to feel low or depressed. Studies found that a low-content of magnesium in food may trigger mental illnesses and depression. Magnesium works as an anti-depressant drug in older adults.
You have type-2 diabetes with magnesium deficiency. Supplementation with magnesium can help insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control.
You have high blood pressure. Magnesium is known to lower elevated levels and restore normally.
When migraines are common and occur with nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. A dose of magnesium can help with the effective and quick treatment of migraines. Check for deficiency levels in case of frequent migraines.
You suffer from pre-menstrual symptoms, with tiredness, irritability and water retention. Magnesium is effective in improving mood and reducing water retention in women of childbearing age.
Supplement your diet with Probio's healthy and natural vital mineral supplement, Multi Magnesium 7. The recommended intake is 420 mg for men and 320 mg for women. Check with your general practitioner in case of other medical conditions.

Probio's Multi Magnesium 7
Probio Multi Magnesium is an intelligent natual supplement formulated with seven types of magnesium in one capsule, required to perform hundreds of significant metabolic functions.

With just two capsules of Multi Magnesium 7 a day, you can achieve great bone, teeth, and muscle health. Additionally, restore physical and mental capacity, and regulate the nervous system. It is healthy and safe for the optimal functioning of the body.

Retain the natural mineral in your body and allow it to repair every cell that makes the bodily movement, brain capacity, natural beauty, and bone strength possible. Reduce everyday stress and feel magnificent from the inside..

Dosage - Multi Magnesium 7
Two capsules a day, after meals, with plenty of fluids.
Maintain a healthy diet alongside taking Multi Magnesium 7 supplementation.
Keep out of the reach of small children.
Store in a cool and dry place.
TMagnesium bisglycinat 50 mg
Magnwsium malate 76.0 mg
Magnesium salts of orthophosphoric acid 70 mg
Magnesium salts of acid 52.0 mg
coating agent : hydroxypropylmethylcellulose,magnesium gluconate 5.0 mg, magnesium lactate 4.0 mg,magnesium L-ascorbate 3.0 mg, vitamain C 24.0 mg