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The ideal solution for those suffering from sleeping disorders

Sleep is a vital bodily function that is as important as eating, drinking and breathing. A good night's sleep empowers the body with the adequate energy needed to perform tasks for the following day. It protects mental and physical health, heals injuries and increases brain function. You do not sleep well if you find yourself in the following categories.

You deprive yourself of a good night's sleep by consciously staying awake
You sleep at odd hours, afternoons or evenings, for longer stretches, thus, impacting the body's natural clock
You have poor quality sleep or fewer hours of sleep

Stating some benefits of quality sleep with Sleep Well:
Increased focus, productivity, and attention span - While you sleep, the body repairs cells, tissues, improves muscle health, enhances memory as well as regulates the hormones needed for everyday functions.
Reduced weight gain- You end up eating a lot more in the late hours of the night. This is due to a hormonal confusion which takes place that wrongly signals your body for hunger, due to lack of sleep. Sleeping well regulates the particular hormone to send correct full or hungry signals.
Good mental health - Get rid of stress, overthinking and anxiety by a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue which leads to low self-drive, low productivity, loss of energy and drowsiness. A stress hormone is released largely due to less sleep.

Simplifying the Sleep Cycle
Sleep occurs in 3 - 5 cycles which must be attained by every individual to feel their best. It is divided between the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which makes us dream and visualize in the subconscious mind, and Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is when we are in a deep sleep.

Regulate the body clock to sleep in a rhythm which revolves around the 24-hour day. Sleep and be awake as and when your body tells you to do so.

All the cycles must be ticked off by the body for optimum mental and physical health capacity. In case of sleep deprivation, we may achieve fewer of these cycles, which gives rise to low attention span, frustration, social anxiety, depression, low concentration, drive, low immunity, and may even interfere with our ability to react, learn or focus. We may misjudge others' emotions and react toxically if good sleep is not achieved.

Sleep well for optimum mood, health, mental peace, and hormonal regulation.

Sleep Well Capsules for Well Sleep
Sleep Well Capsules are scientifically created to boost the melatonin aka the sleep hormone, and restore its natural rhythm. Additionally, it is powered with natural herbs and extracts from hops, flowers, lemon balm leaves, passionflower and silica which help the body to re-energize with quality sleep. It functions in a way to regain the body's natural clock and restore a sleep pattern

Active melatonin formula
Effective sleep restoration
Boost energy and metabolic processes
Boosts energy reserves
Soothes and relaxes the body
Try Sleep Well to address existing sleep disorders. A well-rested night without the hindrance of sleeplessness is fuel to the body. Allow every cell, tissue, organ, and muscle to regain its optimum strength with the unique natural formula of Sleep Well.

A good night's sleep is known to enhance beauty, mental health, leads to healthy weight loss and helps you live a stress-free life.

With active melatonin, you can set the hormone to send accurate signals and achieve a good quality of life.