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A Letter from Our President

Legacy of Excellence

Probio was founded in 1993, and our commitment to quality has never wavered. With Swiss roots, we have always done things the right way. Over the decades, our competitors have shifted toward cheap, trendy formulas with chemical vitamins and genetically modified extracts. At Probio, we take a different approach - we source the highest quality natural ingredients that deliver proven results.

I am so inspired by our customer testimonials and the personal stories of how Probio has made a positive impact in the lives of so many people. Whether you’relooking to increase your performance, combat chronic health symptoms, or enhance your natural beauty, Probio can help. Look inward with pure supplements that deliver real benefits.

Always remember – you’re beautiful. Probio formulas are designed to enhance your natural vitality and supplement a luxury lifestyle.


Always Improving

Nutritional science is an ever-evolving field, and our production team stands out as a likeminded group of industry leaders and innovators. We go above and beyond to continually tweak and elevate our formulas to deliver the best results.

Can we infuse more essential amino acids into our universal multivitamin? How can we increase bioavailability in our magnesium supplement? Does the collagen supplement provide comprehensive support for hair, skin, and nails? These kinds of questions drive us to create industry-leading formulas that empower a healthier, more beautiful life.

Beauty Backed by Science
Uncompromising Quality


Most companies use chemical extraction processes and lab-made vitamins, but that’s a missed opportunity. Better bioavailability is required for complete absorption and lifechanging results.

Natural Potency.

Not all vitamins are equal. We look beyond the label and source natural, raw extracts whenever possible. Our formulas are packed with real ingredients and minerals from pure, rare botanicals.

European Expertise.

Probio’s primary facilities are located in Germany and Austria. We hire the most qualified local talent to lead our manufacturing processes, and we exceed ISO certifications at every step.