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About Us Main

Our tradition is competence
Probio was founded in 1993 - since then our commitment to quality has remained unbroken. Our roots are in Switzerland, which is one of the reasons why diligence and quality are so extremely important to us.
Over the decades, the competition has turned to low-cost trendy products with chemically manufactured vitamins and genetically modified extracts. Probio takes a different approach: we use the highest quality natural ingredients that deliver proven results.
The fact that this is the right way is proven by the numerous personal testimonials from our customers in which way Probio has had a positive effect on their lives.
Whether you want to increase your physical performance, fight chronic health problems or do something for your natural beauty - Probio supports you. Strengthen yourself from within with natural food supplements that actually work. Always remember: you are beautiful. Probio formulas aim to increase your natural vitality and make your life even more beautiful.

Steady improvement
Nutritional science is constantly evolving. Our production team is characterized by being made up of industry leaders and innovators, all with the same goal in mind. We do everything we can to keep optimizing our recipes – for the best results.
Can we fit an even higher dose of essential unsaturated fatty acids into our holistic multivitamin? How can we increase the bioavailability of our magnesium supplement? Does collagen supplementation provide comprehensive support for skin, hair and nails? Questions like these drive us to develop market-leading formulas that support your health and beauty.

Most companies use chemical extraction processes and lab-produced vitamins. But in this way they miss the mark. Higher bioavailability is necessary for vitamins and minerals to be fully absorbed by the body and for truly life-changing results to be possible.

Natural effectiveness.
Vitamins are not just vitamins. For us, the information on the label is not enough, so we source natural and untreated extracts whenever possible. Our formulas are rich in genuine ingredients and minerals from pure plant extracts.

European expertise.
Our main production sites are in Germany and Austria. We employ the most qualified local experts to oversee our production processes and exceed ISO standards at every step of the manufacturing process.