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Luxury IRON

Are you in a constant state of lethargy?

Do you feel as though you might be procrastinating at work or in daily tasks?

The human body requires nourishment through food, water, sunlight, rest and exercise.

Despite a healthy diet, you may still be missing out on the benefits gained from Iron.  The reason could be pregnancy, breastfeeding, blood loss during menstruation, a restrictive diet or inflammatory bowel movements. Hence, iron deficiency is more commonly found among women.

A deficiency of iron can seriously impact mental capacity and limit physical abilities.

Let’s see how a dose of Luxury Iron can remedy this.

Why is iron important to the body?

Iron is an oxygen carrier for the whole body.

It takes oxygen from the lungs and transports it to every cell and tissue present in the body.

Iron is a component of Hemoglobin, the substance present in red blood cells, which makes up for two-thirds of the entire body's iron.

Check for hemoglobin levels in a routine RBC blood test to ascertain healthy functioning of the body. 

Below-par levels of hemoglobin are indicative of an iron deficiency which can lead to anemia.

Reduced oxygen levels hinder brain functions, tire out the body, and in the case of pregnant mothers, puts them at risk of premature or underweight birth.

The first tell-tale sign of a serious iron deficiency might come in the form of breathlessness.

You may need a dose of Luxury Iron if you find yourself in the following circumstances:

- You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

- You’ve had a weight-loss surgery.

- You’ve done excessive workout

- You’ve suffered kidney failure and have been put on dialysis.

- You’ve an ulcer and suffer from extreme blood loss.

- You’re taking too many antacids, which prevents your body from taking up iron.

- You suffer from gastrointestinal disease.

- You’re on a vegetarian diet and your body is not able to absorb iron from plants in comparison to meat.

How much iron do you need?

The amount of iron varies depending on your age, gender, and other health conditions.

It is interesting to know that infants and toddlers need way more iron than the average adult but this because of their rapid physical growth and brain development.

Interestingly, iron also restores the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Why do women need more iron than men?

Women lose a significant amount of blood every month with their periods. Menstruation begins from a very tender age. Other conditions like pregnancy and breastfeeding demand a lot of blood for the growing newborn.

After menopause, women's iron requirements significantly drop.

Men need 8mg throughout their growing years, while women require 18mg from the ages of 19-50 years.

Symptoms to look out for in case of iron deficiency:

- Rapid heartbeat.

- Extreme fatigue.

- Difficulty exercising and difficulty swallowing.

- Appearing pale yellow.

- Developing cold feet and hands.

- Sore tongue and corners of the mouth.

- Hair loss and brittle nails.

Supplement with Probio Luxury IRON.

Take the recommended dose of Probio Luxury IRON and follow it up with a blood test to check your Hemoglobin Levels.

Support your vitamin intake with iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, red meat, beans, and dried fruits.                  

While some iron tablets are known to cause diarrhea, dark stools, constipation, nausea and vomiting, Probio's Luxury IRON is packed with natural iron derived from the curry leaves which makes it a gentle, tender and easily absorbed capsule for the stomach and intestines.

It takes vitamin C to absorb and break down the iron into the blood.

Hence, Probio's Luxury IRON is rounded off with extracts from the camu camu plant, the highest natural source of vitamin C for a comprehensive solution.

Consult with your general practitioner to get a personalized dose recommendation so you do not exceed the iron limit, which can also turn out to be dangerous for the body.