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Elevated Formulas

Probio supplements boost your health with real benefits that you can see and feel. Other supplement companies cut corners, but at Probio, we take your health seriously.

Best Bioavailability

Best Bioavailability

If your body can’t absorb the vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t matter what the label says is inside. Invest in your health with Probio’s industry-leading bioavailable formulas.

Pure and Potent

Pure and Potent

You deserve the best. From non-GMO tamarind in our fat burner supplement to certified pure Golden Omega™ in our omega 3 vitamin, Probio focuses on quality.

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Boost your health and beauty with natural solutions. Our formulas use real Vitamin C that is extracted from the rare camu-camu plant and acerola cherry.

Legacy of Excellence

Probio was founded in 1993, and our commitment to quality has never wavered. With Swiss roots, we have always done things the right way. Over the decades, our competitors have shifted toward cheap, trendy formulas with chemical vitamins and genetically modified extracts. At Probio, we take a different approach - we source the highest quality natural ingredients that deliver proven results.

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Probio Skin Solution

Radiance Bundle

Let your beauty shine with this two-in-one bundle. Fill the gaps in your nutrition with two targeted beauty supplements. This hair, skin, and nails vitamin is most effective when paired with a collagen supplement. The hair vitamin and skin booster work together to firm your skin, improve your complexion, and grow longer, shinier hair.

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Are Probio supplements pure?

Yes – we only use pure substances with the highest quality active ingredients. At Probio, we believe in benefits, not perceptions. Our supplements are manufactured without additives, colors, coatings, or unnecessary, inactive ingredients.

Where are Probio vitamins made?

Our primary facilities are located in Germany and Austria, and every step of our manufacturing process is ISO-certified.

Are Probio capsules vegan-friendly?

Most are! Our dry supplements are packaged in easy-to-digest capsules, which are also certified vegan, kosher, and halal.

How do supplements compare to a healthy diet?

A balanced, healthy diet is the best way to source all of your micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, but most people still suffer from deficiencies. Targeted supplements can fill the nutritional gaps and provide specialized support to reach your health, beauty, and wellness goals at any stage of life.

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